The Four Stones

Author Theresa Murray presents her children's book

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About the book


     Peep and Chip, two little birds, along with their forest friends, discover the truth about the Creator’s Love and Faithfulness, even through death’s journey.


     “The Four Stones” brings together the perfect combination of beautiful and delicate images and touching words that any reader who has suffered a loss can connect with.  Whether young or old, the story of Peep, Chip, the Creator and their gifts, along with the guided questions will help the reader to understand how wide, how long, and how deep our Creator’s love really is, even in times of great sorrow.


     This powerful story, with breathtaking illustrations and thoughtful guided questions provides an imaginative way to engage children and families in the process of grieving a loved one.  This heartwarming story can be used in a variety of ways and settings to process emotions and develop deeper conversations about life, loss, love, and our Great Creator.”



When we experience the loss of a loved one, so often it leaves us struggling to make sense of that loss, and often there are no answers to be found. For young people, this is all the more true as they have experienced something so monumentally life-changing during the critical years of childhood development.


The Four Stones does a wonderful job of acknowledging the sadness felt in the wake of loss. The story then continues with a message of Love and Hope by offering two Truths that she can cling to: First, that we have a God who loves us personally, and wants us to know Him. By abiding in Him we can find incredible comfort in knowing our loved one is safe in the arms of the Creator, and that we can rejoice in knowing we will see them again. And second, it serves as a reminder that we have loved ones among us in our lives that we can look to for support, comfort, and love.


Not only is this story a great resource for young people trying to navigate the deep waters of grief, it is also a call to those of us that can be like the forest friends by surrounding our grieving loved one with the gifts we’ve been given, and in doing so, provide love and comfort as well. The Four Stones is a moving and impactful story for children and adults alike.